The Medusa Trust

The Medusa Support Group 

The Support Group exists to maintain and operate Medusa. Group members include former HDML crew members, those with a maritime background, those with skills, those that want to learn and those that want to offer their support.

Membership is open to anyone with an interest. There is a working party on board most Saturdays and the vessel is at sea, on average, one day per week during the summer with at least one longer summer deployment.  As well as work, there is a strong social aspect.

If you would like to be part of keeping this wonderful vessel in operation, please make contact.


Chairman       Ian Harris

Secretary          Pam Boyce

Treasurer        Alan Watson


Medusa is coded for commercial operation by the MCA as Category 3 which is up 20 miles from safe haven day or night.  She is inspected every year to make sure she continues to meet the stringent requirements for coding which is a thick MCA document, MGN480.


One of the requirements of coding is that we have a ship's training manual and a ship's handbook, which, between them, cover ship systems and safety equipment.  These are required reading for seagoing crew and can be read or downloaded from the links below.


Medusa handbook


Medusa training manual